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Modern Defense Tactics is your complete self defense source. Whether you are looking for: Hand to Hand, Knife, Force on Force, or Firearms Self Defense training, we have the resources and skills to teach you or your group.

Modern Defense Tactics, believe that every person has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones from attack with whatever force is necessary within the limits of the law. However, in order to do this you must have the proper techniques and training.

These techniques cannot be complicated or impossible for the average person to do. Studies have proven that your ability to use fine motor skills during  stress-induced states are not possible even for someone with a lot of training and actually being put in those situations on multiple occasions.

So we need to focus on EASY to IMPLEMENT but effective technique.

You can experience the confidence that comes with having the proper tactical skills and psychological mindset necessary to survive a violent attack.

Most self-defense training takes too long to develop proficiency. What if you don’t have 5 or 10 years to train? What if you are needed to know how to effectively defend yourself tomorrow, next week, next month? Do you want to risk not being ready?

Our programs will teach you simple, COMBAT PROVEN tactics that do not take a lifetime to learn or to become proficient at. They follow simple patterns with many commonalities, but the bottom line is what we teach you works, period!!


Our Mission

Modern Defense Tactics was founded to provide individuals with the skills and training necessary to defend themselves.

Our philosophy is simple and our tactics are effective. Our goal is to provide a quality top notch service that is second to none. We cut no corners and we leave no one behind. We have spent years training and developing our program to the highest level. We want everyone not only to pass our courses, but to leave each training session with a new level of confidence in their skills and abilities to handle any situation that arises.

Although we do charge for these courses money is not our driving force. We want to see people grow and develop their confidence and skills to a level they didn’t even know existed. We walk the walk and never ask anyone to do anything we ourselves have not and will not do. We also understand that we are all individuals and learn, process, and respond differently.

Our approach to education is not that of a single road but that of a common goal with many paths leading up the mountain and all reaching its summit. 


Adobe Premiun Firearms LLC is the perferred FFL for Modern Defense Tactics

Adobe Premiun Firearms LLC is a family business whose mission is to promote the free exercise of our Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of Indiana, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to do so providing individual attention and superior customer service. Thank you for the chance to earn your business.

Adobe Premium Firearms LLC is a full service firearm dealer, specializing in NFA sales and transfers. Stop by and see Rick for your next firearm purches or FFL transfer.


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